Featured Custom – Panthro 6 Inch Repainted

Today we wanted to showcase one of the customs from our forum. Today’s Thundercats Customs Showcase comes from forum member Spurt Reynolds. He took the 6″ Modern Panthro and did a complete repaint, bringing out the fine details of the figure. Check it out by clicking the DISCUSS button below.

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  1. Spurt Reynolds has no avatar! Spurt Reynolds says

    Straight up repaint of the 6inch figure with just a little mod to the nunchucks where i added a flexible chain from Animated Swoop.

    I'll come back & add more pics once we get the attachments back in the meantime thanks for lookin :thumbs2:

  2. THUNDER JEDI has no avatar! THUNDER JEDI says

    Very Freakin' Cool! Breathe taking! You should do the other characters too. Looks amazing!

  3. JaredFragd3111's Avatar JaredFragd3111 says

    Man those things look awesome,. i hope my tank comes out half as good and ill be happy

  4. Max1984 has no avatar! Max1984 says

    I'm new with painting, how do you add the dark shadows or worn battle look/tone? any suggestions?

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