PopCultureShock Teases Cheetara and Tygra Statues

PopCultureShock Cheetara Teaser 1

Well, we missed these posts earlier this month. These were posted back in the beginning of June. Sorry just noticed them and we are updating now. PopCultureShock has posted teaser images of their upcoming Thundercats Cheetara and Tygra Statues. No release date yet and remember, these are still works in progress.

Click the headline of the story for the images.

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  1. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    The Cheetara was originally posted in March, with the painted one and the Tygra preview on June 1st. Whoops.

  2. nitewing73's Avatar nitewing73 says

    A lot of OS Thundercats product showing up. I really can't wait to see what's shown at SDCC in regards to Diamond officially announcing T-Cats minimates which I'm assuming since they did ghost Jaga as an exclusive.

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