Pop Culture Shock Tygra

pop culture tygra 16

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has released a more detailed gallery of their upcoming 1:4 Scale Mixed Media Statue of Classic Tygra. The statue is due out first quarter 2013. Check out the mirrored pics after the break! (And, you can check out our in person shots at SDCC 2012 here too :))

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  1. xander88's Avatar xander88 says

    Didn't we already get one similar to this? Most of what's appearing at SDCC is pointless stuff.

  2. si3ge has no avatar! si3ge says

    I'm currently attending sdcc and it would be awesome if there was a thunder cats.ws get together... just saying.
    I got my thunder tank and mini mates... also got the lion 25$ statue! I call this trip a success.

  3. moreprimeland has no avatar! moreprimeland says

    ^^^^ Congrats!!

    I heard something about the statues b4 as well, but these are the first shots I've seen of Tygra!! LOVE THEM!! thanks for the great pics!!

    The details are amazing! Good work!! Now, just wish I could buy him.

  4. kevster has no avatar! kevster says

    amazing! and yet we can't get wonderful sculpts like these in toy form.

    I stand by my thought that Bandai and Jelenic have mishandled this property BADLY.

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