UK News – Thundercats Promo Role Play Items

Lizard Blaster

Ebay member babyjoeyg has a bunch of nifty Thundercats promo role play items. Looks like some were from the Panini UK Thundercats Magazine. Still, a great way to just nab the merchandise.

Thundercats uk promo thunder blaster | eBay
Thundercats uk promo wrist blaster | eBay
Thundercats uk promo lizard blaster | eBay
Thundercats uk promo thunderbow | eBay
Thundercats uk promo lizard lazer | eBay
Thundercats uk promo sword of omens | eBay

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  1. JASONKAT has no avatar! JASONKAT says

    So the show is dead yet they still make crappy toys for the UK. How about giving it another run It doesnt even have to take place where the last1 left off, It can just be a fresh take, Alil less tygra, more lion-o, more action, panthro wakes up from a bad nightmare that his arms got torn off, only to realized he still has his arms, there4, no lame arms in this show. Let there be cats lair.
    Please just 1 more run. You can maybe introduce more action figures other than just the tcs, like villians.

  2. retrotoyman has no avatar! retrotoyman says

    the problem with panthro is that his weapon of choice is nun chucks....which are deemed to vilolent for uk audiences...ever notice how you never ever saw michaelangelo draw his weapons in teenage mutant hero turtles....and why the uk ending of the turtle movie made any sense for shredder to just fall off a roof?????? thats your answer...nun the animators way around it was to give panthro something viable for all countries....stupid strechy arms...

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