Pop Culture Shock Thundercats Statue Line Canceled

Pop Culture Shock has announced that their line of Thundercats Statues is no more. The Tygra and Cheetara statues will not be produced. Sideshow sent out letters to those who pre-ordered Tygra and then PCS responded, via Statue Forum, and confirmed that the line is indeed no more. Here are some quotes from Pop Culture Shock.

“Well we did our part. We made an amazing Tygra statue. IMO the single best ThunderCats collectible ever.

But only a few ordered it. Less than 50% of the number we need to go into production.

Im truly sorry as i had high hopes for the ThunderCats line, but it seems that most fans only wanted Lion-O and Mumm-Ra.”

When asked if the line is officially over…

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“We only cancel when the pre-orders are very very low. So low that we would lose money going into production.”

“The numbers were very very low. About as low as Lord Raptor which I DID go into production on (against my better judgment) and now have a warehouse full of them.

I cant afford another Lord Raptor situation.

You seem pretty reasonable and understanding. Im at a loss to see how others see this as my fault…

They need to blame the TCats fans for not ordering a gorgeous statue that Khurram Alavi spent months sculpting and Mike Najera did a masterful paint job on.”

“If our deal wasnt up in 6 months Id regroup and try to sell them direct through me. I only have to sell half as many if Im selling directly.

However, the deal is up soon and I cant afford to write another giant check on the *hopes* that it works out. Just far too risky.

I think you are right in that the market spoke and most TCats fans really only want Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. To most that is as complete a line as they need.”

“200 is our minimum to go into production but that doesnt fluctuate depending on the piece.

Tygra didnt come close to 200″

So there you have it folks.You can see the Tygra Here and the Cheetara Here.

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