NYCC12 – Icon Heroes

NYCC12 Icon Heroes Thundercats 001

Check out some Icon Heroes pics from New York Comic-Con 2012. Included is the previously seen Thundercats Lair as well as a preview of some upcoming Thundercats Minimates

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  1. jabus has no avatar! jabus says

    Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
    NYCC12 - Icon Heroes

    Upcoming Thundercats Minimates
    the 4th set look interesting. Young Jaga and Lion-O, too cool. Hope they get to other secondary characters.

  2. adssse has no avatar! adssse says

    I havent purchased any of these yet, but they are really starting to grow on me!

  3. Starsapphire has no avatar! Starsapphire says

    I hope they put these out the other 2 packs because I got the thundertank for 35 and cats lair for 50 bucks on the recent shopafx sale

  4. Carnivac has no avatar! Carnivac says

    I don't like the minimates figures at all but I do like the Cat's Lair and Thundertank. Not enough to buy them though as they're just statues aren't they? Expensive and featureless?

  5. Starsapphire has no avatar! Starsapphire says

    They are polystone basically statues yes but they can be displayed with the mates

  6. Carnivac has no avatar! Carnivac says

    How well do the Lair and 'Tank display with 6 inch LJN or Classics? Or with the old Mini figures? Has anyone got photos to show that?

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