AFX Has Thundercats Minimates Series 3 In Stock

Thundercats Minimates Series 3

The highly anticipated Thundercats Minimates Series 3 is now listed as “In Stock” at Action Figure Xpress. Included in the series 3 box set is:

• Tygra
• Cheetara
• Wilykit
• Wilykat
• Ro-Bear Berbil Bill (mini figure)

Art Asylum has posted a brief blurb on the release. We’ve mirrored it. You can read it after the jump as well as see some images of the individual figures. New Thundercats Minimates Have Landed! Series 3 is In Stock at AFX!

ThunderCats fans have been lapping up Icon Heroes’ new ThunderCats products like a kitten lapping up milk, and now the company has released a third set in their popular ThunderCats Minimates line. Produced in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, the Series 3 box set rounds out the main band of Thunderan refugees, with Minimates of Tygra, Cheetara, Wilykit and Wilykat, as well as a mini-figure of RoBear Bill.

Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, and comes with key character accessories. Tygra comes with his bolo, Cheetara with her staff, and the Thunderkittens with their smoke bombs, lassos and hoverboards. (Did we mention RoBear Bill?) The set is exclusively at Action FIgure Xpress (, and while Set 1 with Lion-O, Panthro, Jaga and Mumm-Ra is sold out, Set 2 with Slythe, Jackalman, Vultureman and Monkian is still available. Check out the pics below, and be on the lookout for Series 4!

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  1. IndyCat has no avatar! IndyCat says

    DST also said that if waves 3 & 4 sell well, we will get a wave 5 with pumyra, lynx-o... And I can't remember who else. So get your preorders in!!!

    You can also buy direct from art asylum at They always have good sales every once in a while.

  2. LiarDice Films has no avatar! LiarDice Films says

    They look great. I always look forward to each wave of these

  3. wes2882 has no avatar! wes2882 says

    Hey guys!
    I just got an e-mail from Action Figure Express that this series is now in stock and getting ready to ship! I also saw on the Icon Heroes page that they mentioned sending them out to the distributor, so they should be in hand soon! Really looking forward to these! I wish the proposed set with Bengali, Pumyra and Lynx-O was soon to follow instead of Grune, Young Lion-O, etc. but at least we'll get our Everliving Mumm-ra and Ma-mutt! Keep buying these so I can get a Pumyra! There is a severe shortage of Pumyra merchandise out there.

  4. McSoundwave's Avatar McSoundwave says

    I, too, find these to be awesome and am thrilled to have another Thundercats line I'm interested in collecting beyond Mezco's mega-scales. I have the first two MM sets en route from BBTS along with the rest of my heaping "pile" and the third currently on pre-order. Can't wait to get 'em and any new "classics" sets they release!

  5. wes2882 has no avatar! wes2882 says

    Hey Guys!
    Just got my Series 3 sets!! First, let me just say that Thundercats are my FAVORITE property out there, and so I was an easy sell on these, but I also had high expectations. That being said, here are some of my thoughts.

    *Wilykit and Wilykat- They look great, but they are not any shorter than anyone else! It doesn't bother me, really, but with the new arms and legs, I really expected them to be shorter. Maybe it is their hair pieces o their belts/skirts, but they seem just as tall as the other figures, only they've lost some articulation. Not a huge deal, but definitely worth noting.

    *Cheetara is perfection!!! She looks amazing, and someone finally got the colors and the hair closer to the animated look! I love that she comes with her staff in it's shortened form too, to attach on the side of her bracer. Some type of running base (kinda like Mattel did with Young Justice Kid Flash) would have been nice, but these are always so chockfull of accessories, I will never complain.

    *Tygra- Also super! I love the way his whip works. It is in it's collapsed form. Then you can take it apart and attach each end to the extended form. Genius!!

    With all of the figures together now, I do notice a couple things. One is that I wish Ssslithe was a bit bulkier. I like that he is hunched over, but I think the fat, Hulk-type legs would have been good for him. Also, with everyone's very large...manes, I suppose, Panthro's head looks really small! Maybe he could have benefitted from his face being painted (and ears sculpted) on a slip over mask like Spidey minimates sometimes have. Then maybe the head underneath could have just had the ears painted on the sides and been an ode to anyone who likes their mates pure with no added, sculpted embellishments. Once again, not at all a big deal. His head just looks a little small now in comparison to everyone else.

    I can't say how awesome I think these are and how much I love the way these sets were handled. I love that they included these core characters first to make sure we got our main teams of heroes and villians. I love all the accessories. I love that we got the extra pack-in characters of Wolfrat, Snarf and a Berbil. I love that these are continuing and that we'll get our Mumm-ra the Everliving, as well as a potential New Thundercats set. I also love that the Thundertank and Cats Lair can be used so nicely in conjunction with the mates.

    In short, thank you Art Asylum and Icon Heroes!!!!! If there were no more of these released, I could be satisfied with what you've given us, but I am so stoked that there will be more! Now about those Silverhawks and Tigersharks.....


  6. Lody has no avatar! Lody says

    Got my set the other day from Entertainment Earth

    I dig the fact that their are four to a pack as there is a good chance we can a Pumyra, Lynx-o and Ben Gali set along with other staple figures and some we never have gotten before like the Luna Taks

  7. Lody has no avatar! Lody says

    So I just noticed on the back of the package that they confused Wilykit and Wilykat

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