Update On Thundercats.ws

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the site. With the death of the Thundercats 2011 series and toy line, coupled with trickling news and the holidays, we’ve slipped on the news a bit. Thankfully, that isn’t going to last much longer. Over the coming days and weeks you may notice some changes in both the look and structure of the site.

We’ll be doing a bit of Winter clean-up and streamlining. We apologize for the lack of updates. With great companies like Mezco (they’re bringing us a Mega Scale Cheetara figure) and Icon Heroes (those series 3 Thundercats Minimates look great) still pumping out great stuff, there’s sure to be some killer stuff for us in 2013. So fret not, and we look forward to gettign back to the line we all love…Thundercats!