Thundercats Wallpaper 14 HD

A few days ago, diorama and statue maker Kinetiquettes announced the acquisition of the Thundercats license! They will be creating detailed dioramas based on the classic versions of the characters. Here’s what they had to say:

Designed in our usual dynamic style, we are working on some truly epic dioramas based off this beloved 80s classic.

The series holds a special place in our hearts and we hope to do it justice by bringing these awesome characters back. Not only are we making the characters in action poses, but also subtly re-designing them, which we hope fans of the series will appreciate.

More details will be shared soon!

More info when it becomes available.

Mezco Meg Scale Thundercats Tygra 001

We were invited out to a Mezco Pre-Toy Fair Event today. At the event, they announced the release of a Thundercats Mega Scale Tygra! That’s right, we’re going to be one step closer to finishing the line up of 14″ Classic Thundercats!

We also found at that Mezco has the ability to do Thundercats in their One:12 Collective 6″ Scale Figure lineup. they don’t have any current plans to do so, but the ability, if they so desire, is there.

Check out the announcement artwork after the jump.

Prototype Z Sword of Omens Teaser

Over at,  we posted an update on the Prototype Z Thundercats License. We hadn’t heard or seen anything since the beginning of the year, but Thundercats Lair managed to snag an update from sculptor Erick Sosa. These will be unpainted resin model kits, with Mumm-Ra and Lion-O being first up. Assembly will be required on these. Their unpainted resin kits sell for between $160 – $230, but there’s been no mention of price at this time.

They are looking for Lion-O to be approved by October. Read on to see a few in-progress 3d sculpts.

SDCC Thundercats Pop Vinyl Figure

Surprise, surprise…Some honest to goodness Thundercats news. Funko will have two exclusive Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures for sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Our sister site,, has posted photos of the figures. They include a Flocked Lion-O Pop! Vinyl Figure and a Glow-In-The-Dark Mumm-Ra Pop! Vinyl Figure.

Check out the figures after the jump.

Thundercats Pop Vinyl 018

Check out our gallery of Funko’s Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures. Lion-O and the gang have gotten the stylized Pop! treatment and the result are some of the best Pop! figures that you can buy now. Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf comprise the first wave of figures. While there’s no word on a second wave, enough characters didn’t make the cut to easily get at least one more set from the line, and hopefully more. The toys come courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth.

Entertainment Earth

Read on to read a short review and to check out the photos.

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Thundercats Pop Vinyl Lion O

The Funko Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures have officially hit online and brick and mortar stores. We will have a full gallery of the figures very soon. Thundercats Pops include:

• Lion-O
• Cheetara
• Snarf
• Panthro
• Mumm-Ra

Check out the photos in our previous story.

Thundercats Model Kits PrototypeZ

PrototypeZ Studios has announced the acquisition of the Thundercats license! They will be producing some Thundercats Resin Model Kits. Looks like we may have some stuff to report on after all this year! PrototypeZ creates high quality, unpainted, model kits. Their Street Fighter kits are quite amazing looking. We’ll have more info as it becomes available. Read on to check out the full announcement.

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Thundercats ws Site Relaunch is relaunching with an all new look, new functionality and a new purpose. We’ve taken cues from our updated look and functionality, and applied them to When we originally launched, we did so with the hope of having a spot to talk about the Thundercats 2011 series and toys. A fresh site with the same functionality you’ve come to expect from our entire network. Unfortunately, neither the series or the toy line struck the right cord with fans. Any worthwhile news slowed to an absolute crawl. So what is there to do?

We decided to close down the dedicated forums for right now. There’s just not enough Thundercats content coming to justify keeping it up. So Thundercats discussion has been moved over to our sister site However, the site is being repositioned to keep up with any and all news we can come across. Funko is putting out some amazing looking Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures, Icon Heroes is mass releasing the last set of Thundercats Minimates and they have more items in the pipeline. The Mezco Mega Scale Cheetara is also now in stores, and we’re hoping they finish up the line by getting us the much needed Tygra, Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman and more.

When a new show and/or toy line launches, we’ll be right there covering it full force. So please enjoy the new look, have fun browsing through our Toy Galleries, Episode Reviews, Screen Caps and more. Also, check out the newly relaunched Toku Nation, featuring a massive overhaul, new look and a newly launched podcast.

Icon Heroes Sword of Omens

Icon Heroes has posted a new teaser picture. It shows the iconic Thundercats Sword of Omens in a close up. The attached note says “A little peek at something we are working on.” Considering what Icon Heroes has done in the past, this is likely a Sword of Omens Letter Opener, similar to their Masters of the Universe Power Sword Letter Openers.

Read on to see the teaser.